Application on carpot

The products' ultra-thinness, beauty, high-quality, energy-saving feature and environmental protection make them conform to the policy of distributed photovoltaic power generation encouraged by the country, and they can apply for relevant preferential policies. The power generation can help save electricity for the community, produce a high ratio of input-output, enhance economic efficiency, and achieve new ideals of "energy-saving community", "new energy community" as well as beautify the community's image. They can not only shield rain and sunlight, but also generate electricity, so it's like killing two birds with one stone. Efficient power-generation and energy-storage systems can provide lights for parking and residential areas even on rainy days or at night. Using existing parking areas to build the solar double-glass components parking sheds will not only avoid wasting land resources, but also make the motor vehicles free from the exposure to sunlight and rain. The scientific design is in compliance with the safety norms of building. The quality is reliable, the performance is excellent, and the quality assurance is as long as 25 years.


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